North Cyprus


…and has done for the last 6,000 years. Early settlers were surely attracted by the idyllic location in which this beautiful port still sits. GIRNE (still widely known by its Greek name Kyrenia or Keryneia) is the most beautiful town in Cyprus, owing to its ravishing harbour, mighty Venetian castle, and a backdrop of sharp and craggy mountains.

The warm clear waters of the Mediterranean lap gently along miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, backed by the verdant slopes of the surrounding Five Finger Mountains. It even has a pleasant climate, courtesy of those mountains, which bring cooler air and a greener landscape than in the rest of Cyprus. Girne, often referred to as a tourist paradise, is a rare and ideal place for a relaxing holiday. The restaurants and bars surrounding its horseshoe shaped Old Harbour serve tourists in a unique atmosphere. Full of yachts and fishing boats it is framed by the colossal hulk of its Crusader castle. Local mini-buses run frequently between hotels and into the harbour town of Kyrenia. The journey takes about 20 minutes

North Cyprus


The city of Famagusta is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean and in its present state of preservation is equal to that of the old cities of Carcassone and Dubrovnik.

Like the old traders from centuries ago, trade and shopping are part of the sine-qua-non of a visit to Famagusta. Famagustans love shopping as you will discover from the many stores and small artisan shops in the old city. Strolling in the medieval old city, shopping for souvenirs or bric-a-brac, drinking Turkish coffee at Bandabuliya at Namık Kemal Piazza (where there’s free wi-fi internet connection), having yummy cakes at a patisserie near Desdemona’s Garden and Porta del Mare or just walking by Laguna Beach marina with the locals at sunset, Famagusta slowly grows on you and does not leave you easily.

North Cyprus


Nicosia tour Mondays & Thursdays: Half Day

All too often overlooked in favor of the beach front coastal resorts, the Cypriot capital offers an intriguing glimpse into modern-day island life. Nicosia’s (Lefkoşa) most unique claim to fame is its status as the world’s last divided capital and the imposing ‘Green Line’ provides a visual marker between the Turkish-ruled Northern Cyprus and the southern Republic of Cyprus. Passports required for this excursion.

Adults: €35 | Children: €17.50

Famagusta Tour Tuesdays: Full Day

Once a quintessential Mediterranean seaside resort and one of North Cyprus’ busiest tourist towns, the sandy beaches of Famagusta were left deserted in 1974, when the island was divided. Not all of Famagusta has been abandoned though and strolling around the walled old quarter offers a glimpse into the town’s former glory. This tour will give you a chance to explore the daily life of ancient people at Saint Barnabas hometown of Salamis. The excursion includes a visit to Saint Barnabas monastery, the Icon Museum and the archaeology museum. Light lunch included at a seafront restaurant followed by a visit to the modern part of Famagusta, one of the well-preserved walled cities in the world.

Adults: €50 | Children: €25

Karpaz Peninsula Fridays: Full Day

No holiday to North Cyprus can be complete without a visit to the Karpaz Peninsula, this is the Cyprus of old, a land almost unspoilt by the savage hand of modern development, where Mother Nature still holds the reins of power; where donkeys, trees, flowers, and cereal crops dot the landscape as far as the eye can see, before tapering off into the blue waters of the Mediterranean. There is also an abundance of history with ancient city sites, Byzantine period basilicas with intricate mosaics; conglomerations of timeworn churches; rural traditional Cypriot villages whose inhabitants pursue a way of life now as they have done for the past few hundred years. Here in an agricultural scene the story of Cyprus over the millennia unfolds.

Adults: €50 | Children: €25

Kyrenia Wednesdays: Full Day

Hemmed in by the jagged peaks of the ‘Five Fingers’ mountains and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the charming seaport of Kyrenia (Girne) is postcard worthy. Kyrenia makes a popular basecamp for exploring North Cyprus with nearby attractions including the mountain top Bellapais Abbey and Hilarion Castle, Walt Disney’s inspiration when creating the animated movie Snow White, with a magnificent view over Kyrenia’s coastline.

Adults: €45 | Children: €22.50

Güzelyurt Tour Saturdays: Full day

The name Guzelyurt means “Beautiful Place”, it is situated close to the foothills of the Troodos Mountains and is the most fertile agricultural area on the island, with huge polythene hot-houses growing many of the vegetables and soft fruits of Cyprus. This exceptional excursion includes many attractions – Archeological Museum, St. Mamma’s Church, the Saturday Bazaar in Güzelyurt, Soli Ancient City with its beautiful mosaics, the old copper town of Lefke and a local bakery with chickens and ducks running around. According to the season, there will be the opportunity to either pick oranges or strawberries or swim (during summer) at the major Carretta and Green Sea Turtle Beach in Cyprus, Akdeniz Turtle Beach. Lunch is included in the excursion.

Adults: €45 | Children: €22.50

Boat Tour Tuesdays & Thursdays: Full day

If you fancy a little adventure, you should consider the special cruises from Kyrenia Harbour to discover the beauty and mystery of the island from the sea. We set sail towards the famous Escape beach (west) or Acapulco beach (east) depending on weather conditions, with a stop for a refreshing swim. Open buffet lunch served on board which includes traditional mezes and fish or chicken as a main course. After lunch there will be time to swim in the crystal-clear waters.

Adults: €35 | Children: €17.50

Scuba Diving Every day: 2 hours

Getting lost in Mediterranean warm waters in unique. If you are an experienced diver or haven’t yet taken the first plunge the unique and amazing marine life you will encounter is guaranteed to take your breath away. Discover diving for the first time with the help of experienced instructors to a maximum of 5 meters. This 2-hour session is a truly breath-taking experience. Everyone between the ages of 8 and 80 should try it out. All you need is your swim suit and a towel.

Adults: €35 | Children: €17.50

Jeep Safari Every day: Full Day

A fun and exciting jeep adventure atop the Kyrenia Mountain range. Discover an abandoned tank, deserted monasteries and some of the most spectacular views North Cyprus has to offer. Light lunch included.

Adults: €50 | Children: €25

Traditional Cypriot Night Fridays & Saturdays Evening

Great entertainment in true Cypriot style! A Cypriot night that combines the best of traditions with a variety of mezes as starters followed by a delicious dish of traditional lamb chunks cooked in a clay oven, known as “Kleftigo” (vegetarian meals also available). Dinner will be accompanied by local live music and belly dancing.

Adults: €49 | Children: €28

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