Spin, dive and fight against the current as you get swept up in a whirlpool of adventure.



Disneyland Park

Toon Studio

Guest Must Be

1.07 m

Age Interest

Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

Crush’s Coaster: Finding Thrills in the Deep Blue Sea

Join Crush and friends in Toon Studio®, where you’ll find the beached soundstage and set of the Disney•Pixar film, Finding Nemo. Then, after taking in the Sydney Harbour scenery, board a turtle shell and prepare for a ride through memorable moments from the movie.

Sit tight, as your shell dives into the ocean and begins its incredible journey. At first Nemo, Squirt and other familiar faces greet you in the Great Barrier Reef. But the serenity doesn’t last for long, as you’re sent plunging to the deepest darkest depths, where a sunken submarine sits surrounded by voracious glowfish, jellyfish and sharks. At Crush’s Coaster danger lurks. However, just in the nick of time, the strong East Australian Current churns you up and sends you spiralling back to Sydney Harbour to a rousing reception.

Crush’s Coaster the Game: new version !

Find the game in a new version to help Crush catch a maximum of starfish and become the best surfer in the East Australian Current.

New features like new Gameplay and choice between two game modes (easy and normal). Retrieve the game in all the Walt Disney Studios Park and connect with your smartphone to the free Wi-Fi.

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