Bombardier LearJet 60XR

LearJet 60XR is a medium range business jet designed by Bombardier with performance in mind.

With powerful engines, the Learjet 60XR excels in performance against competitors in its class. It can out-climb any mid-size jet, it can reach Mach 0.81 and is certified at a 51,000 feet flight ceiling. Fuel efficiency has also been considered as this aircraft, even with such high-performance specifications, surpasses in that category too making the aircraft easier and more efficient to operate

9H SAN is a beautiful example of a mid-sized business jet – the comfortable cabin offers 4 individual executive seats, a 3-seater divan and an enclosed belted lavatory seat. Together with accordion window shades and high gloss birdseye maple tables make 9H SAN a pleasure to fly in.

An excellent choice for a short break or business trip – the roomy baggage hold can carry 7/9 soft sided holdalls. There is also an interior baggage space accessible in flight for hand luggage.